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RFID + Cloud + IA

We're breaking the mold on hospital supply chain solutions.

Ever feel like you are as efficient as you can be, yet you are being pushed to be even more efficient?

We did too, so we built it.

Phil is a one of a kind hospital supply chain solution that assists you in “Philling” your supply areas.

Phil Dashboard

Your portal into the current status of all your stock rooms.
Available anywhere you have an internet connection.

A one time setup is performed in each stock room. All of the bins are tagged with an RFID chip and a receptacle capable of reading RFID tags is placed in the stock room. As the receptacle in each room recognizes a new bin, the count will update on the dashboard.

See the entire status of your hospital stock rooms with a single glance at the Phil dashboard. This data is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection so you will always know the status of your stock rooms no matter where you are physcially located.

Drill into a stock room in order to see which bins are empty. Say goodbye to staff spending time walking to each inventory in order to tell what needs to be restocked.

Start the Phil process to generate a pick list for the empty bins and streamline your distribution process. The Phil process is completely customizable and can integrate with the material management software you are currently using.

Phil uses the following technology to automate the process and allow staff to move to more important parts of supply chain!
Radio Frequency Identification
With data at your fingertips, you are able to know exactly what needs to be Philled in every inventory throughout the hospital. Also, if something is completely empty and needs immediate attention, Phil is able to contact the appropriate staff member immediately to let them know something needs to be replenished, 24/7!
Cloud Based Access
Our cloud-based Phil software allows you to view the status of all stock rooms, even when you are on the go. Just login to Phil, take a quick glance or deep dive into your dashboard to see, in real time, the status of every area. This can be done anywhere that you have an internet connection.
Intelligent Automation
Using state of the art technology, Phil uses intelligent automation to bring everything together for your supply chain. In addition, Phil is able to automate processes, such as capturing and reporting your key data that can be delivered in a format of your preference. Just ask how!

What to Expect

Increased Visibility

With Phil, you are able to see which products are ready to be replenished and which products may be completely out. Most importantly, you can now see what is in need of replenishment with the click of a mouse instead of requiring an employee to walk throughout the hospital.

Increased Efficiency

Finally, a solution that allows you to move past the things you have to do….and move on to the things you need to do! With Phil, the “have to” of monitoring thousands of products in a hospital, is now gone and your staff can focus on more important needs of Supply Chain.

Increased Throughput

With Phil, you can greatly increase the number of inventory turns by having a much more accurate replenishment and issuing process.

Northfield Hospital and Clinics in Minnesota is the Beta site for Phil My Bin, LLC. Northfield has graciously allowed Phil My Bin™ to utilize the DMAIC methodology to pilot various receptacles and readers in the supply rooms, with the goal to achieve 100% reads, which has been accomplished.

I love having everything at my fingertips and in one place.
- Supply Chain
Phil My Bin™ has helped our unit stay organized and well stocked during busy times.
- Registered Nurse
Works great and is very efficient.
- Pharmacist

Meet the CEO

Burdette Brown is an innovative, collaborative and inspirational leader in the Hospital Supply Chain world. He is also an industry leader and national speaker in using RFID and RPA to automate supply chain processes. Burdette has converted multiple hospitals to offsite distribution, par levels to two bin KanBan, capital purchasing programs, and worked with multiple EHRs, including conversion/building of a new EHR. With a Black Belt LEAN Six Sigma, as well as an entrepreneur, Burdette and change go hand-in-hand.

Burdette Brown, CEO
Burdette Brown, CEO

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